Words for your lover Pt.1



We were from different cities on the same block
Grew up in different circles in the same spot
Like raindrops we fall in love giving our all
Showing her ring off like a player at the ball
I recall the walls that I had up
Attracted to women for things that didn’t matter
Ka-clow boom pop! Sound of my heart when it drop
The night that I met her, it might be forever
I hear people saying that they like us together
I ain’t afraid to gamble when life is getting better
With you, I admit I had issues
Like ebony, your essence, your pedigree, your presence
It’s more than clothes can say for you
When I shop I gotta spend more than a day for you
I pray for you and us, that we imbue through lust
And accrue the trust, let’s shake off the dust from the cloth



“Wise words from the artist named Common in a song titled Cloth from his ninth studio album The Dreamer/The Believer album. My only wish is that i could write such words, but watch the space part 2 will my own composition” -Sims


Author: revolvingsims

i write and then some

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